Contents of Caldwell’s Historic Atlas of Washington Co., 1876 including business Directories and Illustrations of Personal Residences, Farms, and Businesses




African M.E. Church (Monongahela City)

Ailes, Isaac (East Pike Run Twp. - farm and residence)

Alexander & Co. Bankers (Monongahela City)

Amberson, J. C. (Monongahela City - residence)

Armour, James (West Middletown - residence)

Baker, Daniel (Amwell Twp. - residence)

Baker, L. F. (West Pike Run - farm and residence; breeder of merino sheep)

Baker, Lemuel (Amwell Twp. - residence and farm)

Beall, Col. C. H. (Independence) (3 illustrations:   homestead, residence and sheepfold)

Beatty, James P. (Coal Bluff, Union Twp. - residence)

Beatty, Jameson (Coal Bluff, Union Twp. - residence)

Bell, James R. (“Depot Farm,” West Alexander)

Bentley, B. F. (Monongahela City - residence)

Berry, James (Canonsburg - residence, hotel and mill)

Bigger, Matthew (Robeson Twp. - residence and farm)

Bigger, Thos. Jr. (Murdocksville - stock farm and residence)

Blythe, Foster (Monongahela City - saw and planing mills)

Bowman, M. (Monongahela City - residence)

Boyce, John M. (Cross Creek Twp. - farm and residence)

Boyle, Z. & J. (East Pike Run Twp. - distillery)

Buchanan, Jas. S. (Mt. Pleasant Twp. - farm and residence)

Caldwell, A. B. Dry Goods Store (Washington) (2 illustrations: exterior and interior)

Caldwell, Margaret (Peters Twp. - “Cedar Hill” farm and residence)

Caldwell, R. S. Esq. (near Buffalo, Hopewell Twp.) (3 illustrations:  residence, herd of

          Spanish merino sheep, barn)

Campbell, James M. (Hickory - Groceries and Dry Goods Store)

Campbell, John (Chartiers Twp. - farm and residence)

Campbell, Wm. (Canonsburg - residence)

Canonsburg Academy

Canonsburg Fair Ground

Chartiers Presbyterian Church and Cemetery (North Strabane Twp.)

Cherry, W. P. (Houstonville - residence and carriage factory)

Conn, Martha S. (Burgettstown Station, Cardville - residence)

Connell, John F. (Canonsburg - residence)

Conner, John (Cecil Twp. - residence and farm)

Cook, N. G. (Cecil Twp. - residence and farm)

Cook, S. H. (McDonald Station - residence)

Cook, Samuel (Smith Twp., P.O. Address Hickory - residence)

Cooke, David (Smith Twp. - “Locust Home” residence)

Cooke, Mrs. O. P. (Smith Twp. – ” Spring Hill” residence)

Cowden, Joseph (Cecil Twp. - residence)

Craighead, W. R. (Cecil Twp. – “Mount Piscar” farm and residence)

Crall, I. Shelby (Monongahela City - residence)

Creigh, Alfred (Washington – “Ellendale” residence)

Christman, E. L. (Washington  - residence)

Davidson, David (Hopewell Twp. - residence and farm)

Davidson, Samuel (Hopewell Twp. - residence and farm)

Deemas, George (West Pike Run - farm and residence)

Dickson, W. A. (Robinson Twp. - farm and residence)

Dinsmore, John S. (Mt. Pleasant Twp. – “Fort Hill” farm and residence)

Dinsmore, William (Canton Twp. – ‘Huntington Farm” residence and farm)

Donaldson, Jas. (P.O. North Star, Allegheny Co. - residence and stock farm)

Donaldson John M. (Washington Co. - farm and residence)

Duvall, John (West Pike Run Twp. - farm and residence)

Emery, Dr. Boyd (Somerset Twp. - residence)

Espy, S. A. (Cecil Twp. - hay, grain and stock farm)

Ewing, S. P. (Mt. Pleasant Twp. - residence and farm)

Fawcett, John (Cecil Twp. - residence and stock farm)

Fergus, John P. (South Strabane Twp. – “Fergus Villa” residence and farm)

Fife, John (Canonsburg, Chartiers Twp. - residence)

Finley, F. M. (Finleyville - homestead)

Finley, J. B. (Cashier, People Savings Bank, Monongahela City)

Finley, John A. (Finleyville, Union Twp. - dairy farm)

Foster, Peny. A. (Monongahela City - residence)

Fredericks, Rev. J. F. (Burgettstown church and residence)

Fulton, Robert (Hopewell Twp. - cabin)

Fulton, W. S. (Burgettstown - lumber yard and dry goods store)

Furlong, E. C. (Furlong’s Landing, Allen Twp – farm and residence)

Gee, R. M. and sons (Monongahela City – marble works)

George, T. P. and J. J. (Mount Pleasant Twp. – residence and farm)

Gilkeson, J. and H. (North Strabane Twp. – “Oak Glen” residence

Gillespie, John T. (Peters Twp. – residence)

Gist, J. C. (Brooke Co., WV; P.O. Address Indepedence – “Locust Grove Farm”

Gordon, James (Canton Twp. near Washington – residence)

Gowern & Sons (Canonsburg – carriage factory)

Greer, Robert (Cecil Twp. – “Greer’s Station” residence)

Hanna, J. G. (Independence Twp. – “Mapleton” farm and residence)

Hanna, John V. (Franklin Twp. – farm and residence)

Hanna, Wm. (North Strabane Twp. – “Linden Hall” residence)

Hart, J. G. (West Bethlehem Twp. – residence)

Hassan & Co. (Washington – “Washington Observer” publishers)

Hawkins, E. (West Pike Run Twp. – residence and breeding farm of merino sheep)

Hawkins, James C. (East Bethlehem Twp. – farm and residence)

Hayes & Wilson’s Carriage Factory (Washington)

Hayes, S. B. & C. Carriage Manufacturers (Washington)

Hayes, Thos. (Burgettstown – brickworks and residence)

Hazzard, T. R. & Son (Monongahela City – printer and bookseller)

Heany, Rev. E. S. (Thompsonville, Peters Twp. – Centre Presbyterian Church)

Hemphill, J. (Hickory – Keystone House)

Henry, Robert D. (South Strabane Twp. – “Locust Hill” residence)

Hickman, Benjamin (Cecil Twp. – wool dealer residence)

Hindman, Samuel (Gastonville, Union Twp. – residence)

Hodgens, Robt. A. (Taylorstown – farm and residence)

Hootman, David (Nottingham Twp. – residence)

Horn, Adam (West Bethlehem Twp. – farm and residence)

Horner, Jas. (North Strabane Twp. – “Water Mellon Ranch” and residence)

Jeffrey, Robert (Cross Creek Twp. – residence)

Johnson, R. V. (P.O. Canonsburg; North Strabane Twp. – residence)

Johnston, Robert (North Strabane Twp. – residence and farm)

Kammerer, Jos. (Kammerer – residence, hotel, warehouse)

Keller, E. W. (Monongahela City – residence, dry goods merchant)

Keller, S. P. & Co. Dry Goods (Monongahela City)

King, Wm. (P.O. Bavington – farm and residence)

Kuntz, James W. (Franklin Twp. – residence)

Latta, O. D. (Allen Twp. – Monongahela Valley farm and residence)

Lawrence, Hon. G. V. (Monogahela City – residence)

Lawton, Arnold (Cross Creek Twp. – 725-acre “Willow Valley,” mill, farm, residence)

Lee & Fulton Exchange Hotel (Burgettstown Station)

Lee, W. S. (Burgettstown – livery and feed stable)

Leeper, S. H. (P.O. Frankfort Springs, Beaver Co. - residence and stock farm)

Lidy, James (West Alexander – carriage and wagon manufactory)

Lilly, Thos. (East Pike Run Twp. – homestead farm residence)

Linn, Lewis (Peters Twp. – residence)

Little, Jas. A. (Cecil Twp. – farm and residence)

Little, John H. (near Washington on National Road – farm and residence)

Lockhart, J. W. (Washington – dry goods, millinery and tailoring store)

Lyle, J. R. (Mt. Pleasant Twp. – “Poplar Hill” residence and farm)

Martin, John G. (near Allenport – fruit and vegetable farm)

Martin, William (Hopewell Twp. – residence)

Maxwell, J. B. (Hopewell Twp. - “Ivy Cottage” residence and farm)

Maxwell, John (Hopewell Twp. – farm and residence)

Maxwell, Wm. G. (Hopewell Twp. - “Locust Villa” residence and farm)

McBurney, Robt. Esq. (Robinson Twp – farm and residence)

McClelland Brothers (North Strabane – farm and residence)

McClelland, Thomas (Peters Twp. – residence and farm)

McCluskey, Henry (Mt. Pleasant Twp. – residence and farm)

McCullough, John (Hanover Twp., Beaver & Washington Counties – residence and stock


McConnell, A. A. (North Strabane Twp. – “Maple Grove” residence)

McConnell, A. & D. T. (Cecil Twp. – farm)

McConell, Rev. W. A. (Hickory - Mt. Pleasant U. P. Church)

McConnell, Wm. R. (Canonsburg – residence)

McCoy, Dr. J. G. (P.O. Florence, Hanover Twp. – stock farm)

McDonald, Hon. John N. (McDonald Station – residence and farm)

McDonald, Dr. N. (McDonald Station – residence)

McFall, Wm. (California residence)

McLean, Rev. (Canonsburg – Chartiers U. P. Church)

McMorrison, Parkinson (Nottingham Twp. – residence)

McMurray, Hervey (Peters Twp. – “Willow Grove” farm and residence)

McMurray, Wm. (Peters Twp. – “Locust Grove” farm and residence)

McNary, J. C. (Chartiers Twp. – homestead)

McNary, Jas. S. (North Strabane Twp. – farm and residence)

McNary, Thos. (Chartiers Twp. – homestead)

McNulty, Dr. C. J. (Midway – residence, physician and surgeon)

Meloney, James (Robinson Twp. – residence and farm)

Mercer, Wm. (Hanover Twp. – residence and farm)

Miller, Miss E. A. (Hickory suburb – residence)

Miller, James (P.O. Hickory, Mt. Pleasant Twp. - residence and farm)

Miller, John M. (Hickory – sheep breeder and residence)

Miller, Thomas (Chartiers Twp. – residence)

Moffit, Jas. (McDonald Station – residence)

Moninger, Jacob (South Strabane Twp. - residence and farm)

Moninger, Onias (Amwell Twp. - residence and farm)

Montgomery, A. J. (Washington – residence and farm)

Montgomery, Hon. Wm. (Washington – residence)

Moore & Christman, proprietors (Washington – Washington Reporter)

Mullin, Jas. (Monongahela City – residence)

McBurney, J. R. (Midway, Robison Twp. – “Pyramid Farm” and residence)

Noble, Robt. (P.O. Claysville, Buffalo Twp. – 400-acre farm)

Noble, T. C. (Donegal Twp. – “Evergreen Home” residence)

Park, McDowell (Cecil Twp. – homestead)

Parkinson, Benjamin (grandfather of David Hootman) (Nottingham Twp. - residence

                used as a prison during Whiskey Rebellion)

Patterson, J. L. (Burgettstown – residence)

Patterson, Capt. Lysander (Cross Creek Twp. – residence)

Patterson, R. M. (Cross Creek Twp. – homestead)

Patterson, Rev. R. M. (Peters Creek U. P. Church)

Patterson, T. M. (Cross Creek Twp. - residence and farm)

Patterson’s Mill (Cross Creek Twp. - established 1783 by Gen. Thos. Patterson)

Patterson, W. J. (Cross Creek Twp. – residence)

Patton, Robt. (Union Twp. near Monongahela – “Chestnut Hill” residence and farm

Paul, Huston (South Strabane Twp. - residence and farm)

Paul, Wm. (Franklin Twp. - residence and farm)

Perrine, Robert (Cross Creek Twp. – homestead)

Peters Creek U. P. Church (Peters Twp.)

Pigeon Creek U. P. Church & Parsonage (Somerset Twp.)

Pigeon Creek Presbyterian Church Centennial Celebration (Somerset Twp.)

Potts, J. M. (Canonsburg – residence)

Ritchie, W. H. S. (successor to Craig Ritchie)  (Canonsburg – dry goods store)

Robb, Ebenezer (Robeson Twp. – dairy farm and residence)

Roberts, George W. (Washington – residence)

Russell, Andres (Raccoon Creek, Mt. Pleasant Twp. – “Mount Pleasant Valley Farm” and


 Russell, R. H. (Chartiers Twp. – “Fair View Farm”)

Sampson, Mrs. A. C. (Monongahela City – residence)

Sampson, James (Monongahela City – Peoples Savings Bank President)

Schmidt, Chas. (South Strabane Twp. – residence and vineyard)

Scott, G. W. (North Strabane Twp. – “Rural Hill” residence)

Scott, Holland (Washington Co. – residence and stock farm)

Sexton, Edward (Washington – external and internal views of livery)

Shaffer, J. S. (Morganza Station – residence and farm)

Shannon, John (P.O. Bavington – residence and stock farm)

Smiley, R. L. (Mt. Pleasant Twp. – residence)

Smiley, Thos. (Mt. Pleasant Twp. – “Clover Hill Farm”

Smith, Wm. & Son (Washington  dry goods, millinery, home furnishings store

South, B. (Canonsburg – residence)

Speer, John S. (Canonsburg – residence)

Sphar, W. G. (Allen Twp. - residence and farm)

Springer, C. J., Esq. (East Pike Run Twp. - residence and farm)

State Normal College (California)

Stephens, Nathamel (California, East Pike Run Twp. – residence)

Stephenson, W. O. (Smith Twp. – “Valley Home” residence)

Stockdale, Jas. (Carroll Twp. near Monongahela City - residence and farm)

Swabe, Saml. (Fallowfield Twp. – residence and outbuildings)

Swan, W. (Washington - residence and The Review and Examiner newspaper)

Taylor, Robt. G. (East Bethlehem Twp. - residence and farm)

Thomas, Jas. (Nottingham Twp. - residence and farm)

Thomas, M. (“Oakwood” residence and store)

Thome, James (North Strabane Twp. – homestead)

Thompson, James (near West Middleton, Hopewell Twp. – residence and outbuildings)

Thompson, W. G. (Cecil Twp. – “Silver Banks Dairy Farm” and residence)

Upper Buffalo Presbyterian Church

Van Voorhis, Isaac (Carroll Twp. – residence)

Van Voorhis, John (Carroll Twp. - residence and farm)

Van Voorhis, John S. (Carroll Twp. – residence)

Vanvoorhis, Robert (near Monongahela City – “Keystone Sheep Farm” merino breeders

                and residence)

Vance, John (South Strabane Twp. – residence)

Vance, T. P. (pg. 71) (Cross Creek Twp. – “Evergreen Home” farm and residence)

Vance, W. P. (Burgettstown – residence)

Walker, A. E. (Cross Creek Twp. - residence and farm)

Walker, David S. (Burgettstown - residence)

Walker, W. V. (Cross Creek Twp. - residence and farm)

Wallace, J. H. (Florence – residence and stock farm)

Wallace, John (Cecil Twp. – residence)

Warne, H. A. & Bro. Coal Mine (Monongahela City)

Warne, James (Fallowfield Twp. - residence and farm)

Warne, Joseph P. (Monongahela City – residence)

Washington Cemetery (Washington)

Washington County Court House and Jail (Washington)

Washington County Home (Washington)

McLoney, James (Superintendent, Washington County Home)

Washington Female Seminary (Washington)

Welch, Aaron (Hopewell Twp. – residence)

Welsh, Thomas P. Esq. (Chartiers Twp. – stock farm and residence)

Wickerham, Wm. Esq. (Carroll Twp. - residence and farm)

Wilson, J. B. (adjoining Washington – residence and nursery)

Wilson, John M. (Washington - residence)

Work, S. C. (Buffalo Twp. – American merino sheep breeding farm and residence)

Yates, W. E. (Burgettstown – saddle, harness and leather goods store)

Zediker, Robt. (South Strabane Twp. – “Valley View” residence and farm)



Maps of Towns: These maps show the lots and names of residents


Allenport (Allen Twp.)

Amity (Amwell Twp.)

Beallsville (West Pike Run)

Bentleysville (Somerset Twp.)

Bevington (Smith Twp.)

Buffalo Village (Hopewell Twp.)

Bulger (Smith Twp.)

Burgettstown (Smith Twp.)

Burnsville (West Finley Twp.)

California Borough (East Pike Run Twp.)

Candor (Robeson Twp.)

Cannonsburg Borough (North Strabane Twp.)

Centerville (West Pike Run Twp.)

Claysville (Donegal twp)

Cross Creek Village (Cross Creek Twp.)

Eldersville (Jefferson Twp.)

Good Intent (West Finley Twp.)

Granville (East Pike Run Twp.)

Hickory (Mt. Pleasant Twp.)

Hillsborough (West Bethlehem Twp.)

Houstonville (Chartiers Twp.)

Independence (Independence Twp.)

Jewettville (North Strabane Twp.)

Hill Dale St. (Lawrence, Cecil Twp.)

Lock #4 (Fallowfield Twp.)

Lone Pine


McConnells Mill (Locust Hill P.O.)

McDonald (Robison Twp)

Midway (Robinson and Smith Townships)

Millsborough (East Bethlehem Twp)

Monongahela City (Carroll Twp.)

Paris (Hanover Twp.)

Prosperity (Morris Twp)

Taylorstown (Buffalo Twp.)

Ten Mile Village (Amwell Township)

Venice (Cecil Twp.)

West Alexander (Donegal Twp.)

West Brownsville (East Pike Run Twp.)

West Columbia (formerly Pittsborough, Carroll Twp.)

West Middletown (Hopewell Twp.)



Business Directory for Townships:

Allen Township

Amwell Township

Buffalo Township

Canton Township

Carroll Township

Cecil Township

Chartiers Township

Cross Creek Twp.

Donegal Township

East Bethlehem Township

East Finley Township

Fallowfield Township

Franklin Township

Hanover Township

Hopewell Township

Independence Township

Jefferson Township

Morris Township

Mt. Pleasant Township

North Strabane Township

Nottingham Township

Peters Township

Pike Run Township

Robinson Township

Smith Township

Somerset Township

South Strabane Township

Union Township

West Bethlehem Township

West Finley Township

West Pike Run Township



Business Directory for Towns:











Coal Bluff

Cross Creek







Lindly’s Mills

Lone Pine





Monongahela City (A-K)

Monongahela City (K-Z)


Ten Mile

Washington City

West Alexander

West Middletown