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Clinton County Warrantee Maps by Ed Heary, plus 1862 Landowner Map

Clinton County Warrantee Maps by Edward J. Heary

The state of Pennsylvania did not create warrantee maps for this county, but we are indeed fortunate that a private individual has given researchers a gift of his talent. Over many years, Edward J. Heary has painstakingly created connected draft maps of the original owners of land in three counties (Centre, Clinton and Clearfield) in central Pennsylvania, thus performing a priceless service for genealogists. These maps show the boundaries of the tracts on topographic maps, warrantees of the tracts, and the survey number of each, so that the original surveys can be obtained from the Pennsylvania Archives in Harrisburg.

The Clinton County Genealogical Society has recently published Clinton County, Pensylvania, Land Warrant Maps containing the connected survey drafts of land warrants by Mr. Heary (item #MP01). It is fully indexed, and contains 50 pages. Price: $18.00 for members, $20.00 for nonmembers.

If your ancestor was actually a first landowner, purchasing his or her property directly from the colony or state of Pennsylvania, further information about these tracts may be gleaned from the Warrant Register and Patent Register on file at the Pennsylvania Archives in Harrisburg and available on CD from Ancestor Tracks.

For researchers using the 1860 census, we are posting images from the 1862 Map of Clinton County, Pennsylvania from Actual Surveys under the Direction of H. F. Walling drawn by F. W. Beers which is located in the Map Room of the Library of Congress. Each image may be opened by clicking on it; it can then be enlarged by clicking a second time on the images. They may also be saved to your computer by right-clicking and selecting "Save Image As..."

1883 Map of Clinton County from History of Centre and Clinton Counties by John Blair Linn

1862 Landowner Map of Clinton County
Note that several townships have changed shapes or names since this map was published in 1862. The 1883 map above is an intermediate map drawn between the 1862 landowner map and today's township maps.
Townships Allison Township
Bald Eagle Township
Beech Creek Township (coming soon)
Castanea (created from Dunnstable in 1877)
Chapman (including Noyes) Township
Colebrook Township (part, now Grugan)
Colebrook Township
Crawford Township
Dunnstable Township
East Keating (formerly Grove) Township
Gallagher (Gollauher/Ballaher) Township
Greene Township
Grove (now East Keating) Township
Grugan Township
Keating Township (now West Keating)
Lamar Township
Leidy Township
Logan Township
Noyes Township (see Chapman Twp)
Pine Creek Township
Porter Township
Wayne Township
West Keating (formerly Keating) Township
Woodward Township
Towns and Villages Beech Creek
Cedar Spring
Hyner's Run
Lock Haven Borough
Logan Mills
Mill Hall Borough
Queens Run
Washington Furnace
YoungWomans Town

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