York County Landowner Resources

York County Landowner Resources

Our goal at Ancestor Tracks is to publish maps and land ownership information allowing genealogy researchers to pinpoint the locations where our ancestors lived. The state of Pennsylvania began platting the exact metes-and-bounds tracts of the earliest landowners, township-by-township, starting in 1907, but they only completed one township of York County, Warrington Township, before the project was ended (note that this is a large file which will take time to download). We are indeed fortunately, however, that a private individual has given researchers a gift of his talent. Over many years, Rev. Neal Hively has painstakingly created connected draft maps of the original owners of land in two counties (York and Adams), thus performing a priceless service for genealogists. These maps show the boundaries of the tracts on topographic maps, warrantees of the tracts, and the survey number of each, so that the original surveys can be found online.

As we have done for numerous Pennsylvania counties (hover over each county on the PA map on our home page), we are posting completely free, downloadable township images from Atlas of York County, Pennsylvania. Illustrated from actual Surveys by and under the direction of Beach Nichols. Published by Pomeroy, Whitman and Co.(Philadelphia, 1876). This atlas, found in the Library of Congress, is in the public domain but the images we have taken of the atlas posted below belong to us and are not to be used for commercial use. For those wishing to use them for personal use (including illustrating a family history you are working on), we give permission to use them, but we would appreciate attribution to Ancestor Tracks. It takes transportation costs, much time and great effort to locate, process, and post these and the many other county images we have posted, so we expect and appreciate this courtesy. We hope that you will find this atlas a useful tool for when coupled with the 1860, 1870 and 1880 census and published county histories. Click on the township of your choice and once they have downloaded completely, click on them again to enlarge and clarify them. They may be saved to your computer by right-clicking and selecting "Save Image As..."

Township Maps


Carroll Township
Chaunceford Township
Codorus Township
Conewago Township
Dover Township
Fairview Township
Fawn Township
Franklin Township
Heidelberg Township
Hellam Township
Hopewell Township
Jackson Township
Lower Chanceford Township
Lower Windsor Township
Manchester Township
Manheim Township
Monaghan Township
Newberry Township
North Codorus Township
Paradise Township
Peach Bottom Township
Shrewsbury Township
Springfield Township
Spring Garden Township
Warrington Township
Washington Township
West Manchester Township
West Manheim Township
Windsor Township
York Township

Boroughs, Towns and Villages Bottstown
Glen Rock
Hanover (alternate image)
New Salem
West Bangor

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