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We are well aware that you, as a genealogy librarian, must spend most of your funds on local resources, but it has been estimated that more than 17% of those who are researching their family history across the U.S. have ancestors who came through Pennsylvania. As you know, families from eastern Pennsylvania migrated to western PA and from there fanned westward. They crossed into Ohio and kept on going, or they floated down the Ohio River into Kentucky and also went west. Ancestor Tracks is filling a niche of interest to your patrons: we are publishing resources documenting early Pennsylvania landowners which will allow many of them to follow their roots to their immigrant ancestors.

Some of our most valuable resources, in terms of research, are CDs. For example, one of our CDs contains all of the original Warrant Registers in the Pennsylvania Archives in Harrisburg, an invaluable source for researching early Pennsylvania landowners; another one contains the Patent Register Indexes; and a third holds all of the Tract Name Indexes for land that was patented in the colony or state. We know you want to service your patrons who are researching their ancestors who migrated through Pennsylvania or stayed there, but many librarians are reluctant to purchase CDs because they are difficult to control and often "walk off." For that reason, we offer the following possibilities:

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