Our goal is to help you track your early ancestors who moved through Pennsylvania through their land tracts! As a companion to the county atlases containing the earliest landowners as shown on the Township Warrantee Maps on file at the Pennsylvania Archives in Harrisburg, we also publish CDs that contain scans of the large Township Warrantee Map. With our resources, you can:

  • Pin your families down to exact locations prior to the 1790 census
  • Reveal family relationships or clues to possible relationships since relatives usually congregated near one another
  • Trace the progression of sets of families and neighbors as they moved in groups
  • Identify migration trails of your families as they moved west across the colony and state of Pennsylvania
  • Locate family wills, church records, deeds and orphans court records by knowing where they lived
  • Plan a trip to the land of your ancestors, walk where they walked and feel your roots
  • Give flesh to your ancestors by being able to find real historical events, both exciting and mundane, in county histories where they lived
  • Uncover the history of modern land tracts

The Early Landowners of Pennsylvania series of county atlases and CDs are a must for every serious researcher of the pioneers who passed through or stayed in Pennsylvania.